Northland Genealogical Society
Northland Genealogy Society

May 3, 2013 Meeting

"Researching Your American Revolutionary Patriot"
The War of Independence changed history; our history; our families’ history. It’s a story about which we want to know more. Did my ancestor help? …even a little? There’s much to be learned about our ancestors’ roles in this moment in history. In this class, we’ll discover where to start, what the best resources are, and how to tackle the research. So, let’s go in search of answers using the soldiers’ service and pension records and unit narratives.
Beth Foulk has been a frequent speaker at the Northland Genealogy Society.  Her wit, enthusiasm and well-prepared presentations make for an interesting morning.

Beth discovered her love of genealogy through her father, who built a 115-name family tree with every family member’s name he knew. While Beth continues to research her family, she shares her knowledge through lectures, articles, her blog, and one-on-one assistance. She particularly enjoys speaking at regional conferences.

Beth is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the New England Historic Genealogic Society and the National Genealogy Society as well as being a frequent speaker at the Midwest Genealogy Center.


June 7, 2014 Meeting

Sharing Geneology Treasures
Each member will have about 5 minutes to talk about one or two items from their genealogy collection that they feel has particular meaning for them.  There will be tables for displays.  You are asked to send our president ( what you wish to share and any information you want displayed electronically on the board in front of the room.  She will put together a slide presentation and will have your slide or slides on the screen when it is your turn to speak.  Items can be old letters, pictures, an old picture album, glasses, dolls, a lock of hair, etc.

Brag Bucks

At each of our meetings we offer an opportunity for members to "brag" about some genealogical find, for example, a long searched for grave, a missing family member, an ancestor in a ship's passenger list and the like.  For bragging, you contribute $1.  This fund will be accumulated and then when we have enough funds, we will have a drawing and use the money to give a member a subscription to an on-line service or a book or something else the genealogist desires.  This method gives us a way to tap into all the vast experience and knowledge among our members.