Northland Genealogical Society
Northland Genealogy Society

Meeting Location and Time

 North Kansas City Library
2251 Howell St., NKC, MO 64116
10:00 a.m. - Noon
1st Saturday of the month
Exceptions:  4th Sat. in Aug., 2nd Sat. in April.  There are occasional meeting location changes.  Be sure to see the meeting schedule on the home page for dates and location. No meetings in July, Sept. or Dec.
 Located on the corner of East 23rd Ave. and Howell Street
(across from North Kansas City High School)
Free parking is available on the south side of the library. 
Meetings are normally held August, October, November and from January through June. 
All of our meetings are open to the public. 
For more information about the library, click North Kansas City Library
Please contact an officer if you are interested in the Board meetings.


Operating Year: January - December 2021

President: Elna Cox
Vice President: Kathleen Bird
Secretary: Ellen Fox
Treasurer: Deb Kaiser
Past President: Mary Celeste
Board Members
Membership: Kathleen Bird
Membership 2: Tammy Doughty
Webmanager: Krislin Fenner
Member at Large: Kathleen Brooks
Member at Large: Joyce Pollock
NGS PR Chair: Mary Celeste

Our Mission Statement

  1. To create and foster an interest in genealogy
  2. To provide educational programs to the public on genealogy.
  3. To aid genealogical and family history research